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Narratium is a theme designed for modern writers and magazines that prioritize content above all else. It is created with the intention of being simple to use and customizable.

All Narratium configuration options are integrated and use native WordPress functions for ease managing, avoiding struggle in dealing with third-part complex configuration panels that become obsolete over time. This makes it a perfect theme for both advanced and beginners WordPress users.

Some Features:

Text Format Tags for Titles: Narratium introduces titles (and subtitles) with text format tags. This allows you to give text format tags (bold, italic, color) to your post's titles and subtitles.

Extended Template System: Narratium implement a system of templates que permite que dichas templates puedan ser intercambiables. Así por ejemplo puedes.

Color Schemes: Narratium come with a serie of predefined color schemes that can be selected for the entire theme and also individually for any post. You can set the theme with a color scheme but configure any post to display with others colors, adding a plus of customization for your posts.

Dynamic Navigation (AJAX): AJAX Navigation can be activated with just one click to accelerate and approach the navigation throughout the website.

Featured Images for Every Category: You can link an image with every category of the site. This image is displayed on the top of the category site.

Post Co-authors: In some magazines you can find articles written by various authors in conjunction. In Narratium you can indicate co-authors for your posts. These co-authors appears in the theme next to the post's author.

Video Covers for Posts: You can upload a video file to display it in the place of the featured image of the post.

Word Count Tool: Literatum can automatically count how many words has every article to give to the reader an idea of its length and time it will take to read it.

Third Party Comments: You can use third-party comment systems in your articles. Literatum comes with integrated support for Disqus and Facebook Comments.

Custom Author Avatar: Every author can upload an avatar to display on their profile page from the administration site.

Interview support: You can convert every article in an interview by adding questions and answers through interview buttons that come with the theme and appear in the content editor.

Designed for social networks: Every Narratium article contains the corresponding metadata to ease the sharing on the major social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Fully prepared for Twitter Cards.

Custom Fontello Icons & Material Icons: Narratium imports a custom typeface that display icons anywhere on the page and let you manipulate them easily as if they were a text. You can easily accompany the site menus and content of the articles with any of these over 400 icons by adding them as it is explained in the documentation. See image. Also come with the Material Icons Font integrated, so you can use these icons through the entire theme.